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Z.I. del Basson 37139 Verona – Italy

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Our spacious warehouses, where all activities are managed according to a quality system certified ISO 9001:2015, ensure a good stock of sheets in large sizes, thicknesses and weights.


Hardox® Steel: wear plate
for extreme abrasion resistance.

Strenx®: low alloy hardened steel
with a high elastic limit.

Metal Processing

The experts and engineers at Venturi Acciai interface and interact continuously with the designers to take the maximum advantage of the mechanical properties of the steel qualities supplied and thereby solidify a process tending toward constant improvement.

Mechanical processing, sheet metal processing and metal cutting, sheet metal bending, steel processing and bending.

Sheet Metal Supply

Trade of steel plates, certified, according to reference standards UNI-EN.

Sheet Metal Cutting

Laser cutting, plasma cutting and oxy fuel cutting of steel plates.


Sheet Metal Bending

Steel plate bending with machines of various sizes and powers.


Supply of chamfered pieces for welding operations.

Mechanical Processing

Precision mechanical machining even on large parts.


Straightening operations on cut parts in order to optimize the flatness.

The company

Founded in 1955, Venturi Acciai has been in business for over half a century in the sector of pre-machining and sale of heavy plate and coil steel.

Over the last thirty years the company has specialised more and more in the production of wear-resistant steel with a high yield point, even in very large sizes.

This has been possible not only thanks to the use of sophisticated machinery and systems, but also to the extraordinary capacity we have for storage and handling.

The company has two production plants in the Verona area: the main plant, where the offices and plasma, oxycutting, bending and bevelling departments are located, occupies a total area of 35,000 sq. mt. (10,000 sq. mt. of which are buildings), and a second plant near the main one, with 2,000 of buildings on a total area of 3,500 where the laser division is located.


Technical Support

Our technical department provides concrete solutions accurately examining your needs and organising customised production schedules.

We provide customers with support in the development of new projects, guaranteeing specific high level consulting, thanks to our long standing experience in processing wear-resistant and high elastic limit steels.


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