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28 January 2019

Drilling of the soil may be done for different reasons: research, piling, channelling (as housing for cables), for scientific purposes (assaying), and other.

Drilling may be done at different latitudes, with different degrees of difficulty. In the extreme North, where there are important mineral reserves of many types, drilling only 20 cm through “permafrost” requires the same power that would be necessary to perforate ordinary sheet steel.


Drilling rigs also have an equally wide range of dimensions: from giant offshore platforms to small portable rigs for artesian wells.

Drilling can also be horizontal, when it is desirable to avoid breaking through the road surface (as in the case of historic or artistic paving) or to protect existing installations.

The rigs absorb all the vibration power induced and the parts subject to the most stress is those built with special structural steel types, which have a high yield limit.

The equipment that must perform continuous drilling operations is made using wear-resistant steel qualities with different degrees of hardness.

This entire sector, in addition to requiring careful selection of the most appropriate steel styles and types, also requires contour cutting and the use of accessories with rotating and cutting characteristics to perforate the initial crust.

All this work of preparation and construction of all these parts is typical of a company like Venturi Acciai that, in addition to having an adequate stock of sheet metal suited to each purpose, also has the technological know-how to recommend the most appropriate choices. Since it is a sector that resembles that of crane construction (beams), the company does not lack the experience necessary to satisfy demands of this type.

There is also an important primary sector, which is Tunnelling (tunnel boring machines: tunnels, galleries, etc.) but these enormous structures use propulsion technique that is very different, and the use of special wear-resistant steel types is limited to some of the parts that are, however, equally interesting for Venturi Acciai.

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