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Environmental Reclamation
18 January 2019

An age-old problem that we are being faced with more than ever, what we do to the Environment matters: it is where we were born and live our whole lives, no matter where we are.

If the Environment is endangered, so is our own life and that of the community; all the natural calamities inexorably strike the environment around us, but civilization can do a great deal to limit the damage and even prevent it, when possible.


Humanity has enough skill to build, destroy and rebuild more safely, and can change the environment with appropriate works:

  • channelling rivers and streams
  • building sustaining walls
  • compacting precarious terrains
  • building safe dams
  • building embankments for flood protection

In general, we know how to improve the environment and repair it where, historically, it has been dangerously altered.

In this important sector as well, special steel types are an elementary part of the raw materials, to contribute to the essential work of ensuring a safe environment.

From simple sheet piles to compact the soil, to all the machine parts of which we have already spoken:

  • hoisting equipment
  • earth-moving machines
  • conveyors
  • crushers and shovels
  • systems to produce energy

The entire range of special sheet steel types can play a fundamental role, we need only remember what we see every day in the media.

Today, demolishing a hazardous viaduct can be a matter of a few hours, replacing a section of smashed railway is a question of a few days, repairing the part of bridge underneath a busy roadway is equally easy and safe.

A few decades ago, this speed of action was impossible, because high-performance machinery had not been invented, and this evolution was only possible thanks to the development of modern, easily processed materials that were also lighter and easier to move, simpler to bend rather than weld or, on the contrary, easier to weld, like the less noble steel qualities.

This is the strategy that Venturi Acciai applied more than 30 years ago, and now more than ever has made it a strong company. Today, steel types that were once considered a hazard are now almost common, and we are constantly improving and looking to higher grades for even more extreme constructions.

In a balanced system, cyclical actions of maintenance would be planned, without waiting for an emergency that often raises doubts of speculation but that could also result in loss of life.

Everything built that surrounds us needs regular attention, and companies like Venturi Acciai, historically prepared for any event, with enough experience to choose the right materials and methods, should be taken into serious consideration.

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