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Hardox: Tube Hardox 500
07 April 2015

Hardox is an international leading brand, which technically represents the global reference in wear-resistant steel thanks to its intrinsic qualities.

Venturi Acciai - Hardox - Hardox 500

Venturi Acciai: Hardox Steel

Hardox steel is manufactured in Sweden by the steel company SSAB. It was developed in 1974 and ever since has been recognised as the leading wear plate thanks to constant improvements.

HARDOX is produced in plates with different grades of resistance to wear, measured in H Brinell:

400 HB, 450, 500, 600 and Hardox Extreme as well as Hardox HiTuf classify the degree of hardness of the steel and consequently its response to different types of wear: impact, sliding and adhesion.

SSAB has developed a very easy method to determine in advance the response to the wear produced by a given component, in order to define the most suitable level of hardness to counteract the wear in the best possible way.

Venturi Acciai was the first firm in Italy, in 1981, to appreciate these properties and to choose to exploit them to supply OEM products or provide maintenance of components subject to aggressive wear.

Venturi Acciai has visited the steelworks several times and it has successfully participated in updating courses and over the years it has gained great experience; our technical staff is available to give advice on how to make the best use of the properties of this type of steel to anyone interested or to who may have doubts concerning its application for components or machine parts subject to wear.

Hardox steel is very versatile and is produced in a new modern and very powerful mill installed in 2000 with an integrated production cycle (BOF), using continuous casting and heat treatment with roller quenching (RQS).

Hardox steel owes its versatility to the fact that it is structural steel and therefore unlike other types of steel does not require further treatments; it is easily weldable using conventional methods available in any workshop, and can even be cold formed if some precautions are taken. The plates are flat, with guaranteed thickness precision (AccuRollTech) and protected by highly eco-friendly and certified primers.

Venturi Acciai has always strongly believed in this quality product and stocks a significant amount of product readily available in different thicknesses and formats.

Hardox can be customised to specifications using cutting systems appropriate to the thickness and it meets the needs of applications in various fields where wear is an issue: earth moving equipment, dump trucks, bins and containers used only for harsh applications, buckets, demolition pliers, agricultural equipment, garbage compactors, road construction, ports and docks, forestry machines, quarries and dredgers, protections and retaining walls, maintenance in cement plants and wherever protection against wear is required.

Thanks to the great experience acquired in time and in many fields of application, Venturi Acciai and Hardox are a winning combination, a guarantee of quality products and service. If the properties and high quality of this product are not suitable for the application, our technical service will provide the customer with the necessary information to make the appropriate choice or to consider another quality of steel, maybe of a lower standard. Once the qualitative design has been confirmed the order is followed and documented to meet all requirements.

Technical data sheets are available as well as instructions for welding these steels to any type of material.

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