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Venturi Acciai is able to supply bevelled parts for the preparation of edges for welding, for aesthetic reasons or for safety reasons such as the removal of sharp edges.


Venturi Acciai can, according to customer specifications, provide chamfered or beveled pieces for subsequent welding operations.

These types of processing, with relation to its complexity and the required tolerances, can be performed either through procedures of hot cutting (oxy cutting) or with the use of machine tools (milling UTITA with control ECS 2801, Mazak VTC 300 milling machine, vertical milling machine bench FAGIMA FA 100).

Metal Processing

The experts and engineers at Venturi Acciai interface and interact continuously with the designers to take the maximum advantage of the mechanical properties of the steel qualities supplied and thereby solidify a process tending toward constant improvement.

Mechanical processing, sheet metal processing and metal cutting, sheet metal bending, steel processing and bending.

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Mechanical Processing