Via della Meccanica,19
Z.I. del Basson 37139 Verona – Italy

Steel laser Cutting

The steel laser cutting department at Venturi Acciai works with extreme precision even on very large sizes and, thanks to the characteristics of the systems employed, is able to produce unfinished parts ready for assembly, inclusive of refined boring and extremely clean edges.

Laser Cutting

Venturi Acciai is equipped with three laser systems as follows:

N. 2 LASER PROMOTECH 3.000 x 30.000 x 20 (3.500 watt)
Maximum cutting thickness: 20 mm
N. 1 innovative new generation LASER MITSUBISHI 6000 x 3000 x 25 (4500 watt)
Maximum cutting thickness: 25 mm

Metal Processing

The experts and engineers at Venturi Acciai interface and interact continuously with the designers to take the maximum advantage of the mechanical properties of the steel qualities supplied and thereby solidify a process tending toward constant improvement.

Mechanical processing, sheet metal processing and metal cutting, sheet metal bending, steel processing and bending.

Sheet Metal Supply

Trade of steel plates, certified, according to reference standards UNI-EN.

Sheet Metal Cutting

Laser cutting, plasma cutting and oxy fuel cutting of steel plates.


Sheet Metal Bending

Steel plate bending with machines of various sizes and powers.


Supply of chamfered pieces for welding operations.

Mechanical Processing

Precision mechanical machining even on large parts.


Straightening operations on cut parts in order to optimize the flatness.