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This department cuts sheet metal thanks to the combination of a hot flame with a jet of oxygen and can guarantee a fine quality cut up to a thickness of 380mm


Venturi Acciai is equipped with eight Oxycutting machines SOITAAB:

N. 6 OXYCUTTING SOITAAB field working dimension 3.000 x 12.000 x 320
N. 2 OXYCUTTING SOITAAB field working dimension 6.000 x 12.000 x 320
Maximum cutting thickness of 400 mm.
Metal Processing

The experts and engineers at Venturi Acciai interface and interact continuously with the designers to take the maximum advantage of the mechanical properties of the steel qualities supplied and thereby solidify a process tending toward constant improvement.

Mechanical processing, sheet metal processing and metal cutting, sheet metal bending, steel processing and bending.

Sheet Metal Supply
Sheet Metal Cutting
Sheet Metal Bending
Mechanical Processing