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Manufacture of structural elements for cranes and lifting equipment
22 February 2016

A large part of VENTURI ACCIAI’s business focuses on the manufacture of the structural elements required for the construction of cranes and other lifting equipment.

Manufacture of structural elements for cranes and lifting equipment

Venturi Acciai: Manufacture of structural elements for cranes and lifting equipment


After the design, the first stages of the manufacturing process must take into account the complex parameters but the most important thing is the choice of suitable material: the choice of the structural steel to use is essential.

EHSLA* class steel plates reach high levels of yield strength that goes from a minimum of 700 Mpa to 1300 Mpa and offer the designer various calculation opportunities.

These steels are mainly manufactured by the Swedish group SSAB under the registered trademark STRENX.

In the CONSTRUCTION OF CRANES, CPTs and relevant stabilising units and mechanical linkages these types of steel are fundamental, even if they are rarely listed in the machine’s specifications.

Specifications usually list all the parts that make up the machine, from the seats to the tyres and brand of oil for the hydraulic circuits, but for some unknown reason the most important part of the design is not mentioned.

Structural calculations, safety and stability coefficients, as well as the bearing capacity of the hydraulic extensions and their capacity to bend and return straight after the effort of LIFTING the load, depend exclusively on the characteristics of the steels adopted.


Manufacture of structural elements for cranes and lifting equipment

Venturi Acciai: Manufacture of structural elements for cranes and lifting equipment

Steels of the STRENX range guarantee these properties and the certificates, provided beforehand, give all the necessary data for the structural calculation.

Structural steel plates must not only have the mechanical characteristics required to meet the steel grade, but also the correct geometry and a surface free from faults and notches caused by improper handling; above all they must be suitable to be cold formed at given bending angles that correspond to the regulations in force.  The steel plates must be weldable with each other and with other lower class steels, provided that they are weldable.

STRENX steels feature all these characteristics and properties and for over thirty years VENTURI ACCIAI SRL has been using these types of materials produced by SSAB, transforming flat plates into structural elements which are then assembled by the machine manufactures and delivered in both urban areas and remote areas around the world.

It goes without saying that the choice of materials and the construction method must provide the marketing department with the certainty that these mechanisms will work for a long time and will meet the requirements of the different applications, which often go beyond the limits imposed by a correct use.

Venturi Acciai srl not only has state-of-the-art equipment but also has specialised staff and an adequate organisation; it enjoys the trust of customers that take into account the company’s long experience, gained over many years of work in the sector, using materials often intended for hazardous applications, such as suspended loads and handling of loads at considerable heights, which directly involve the safety of people and of the structures below.

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*EHSLA: extra high strength low alloy