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Armored and Special Vehicles

Armored and Special Vehicles

Armoured Steel Plates and Ballistic Steel Plates are special steels produced by a few steel companies, however those produced by SSAB, the supplier of Venturi Acciai, are undoubtedly among the highest quality products available.

These specific steels, in various grades, are available in thicknesses that range from 0.7 mm to 150 mm and are suitable for the CIVIL sector as well as the MILITARY one.

Venturi Acciai mainly deals with Armoured Steel Plates for civil applications and in addition to supplying commercial steel plates it also develops products according to specific drawings in relation to the type of protection required, the steel grade of reference or simply according to customer requirements.

Armoured Steel Plates are necessary wherever there may be an armed threat; they protect you, keeping you safe from the consequences of this type of threat.

There is no defence against certain attacks, however an initial deterrent can discourage a possible attacker (an armoured door or a reinforced car cannot resist an attack with a bazooka).

The fields of application are easily identifiable:

  • Shooting ranges
  • Safes or cash machines
  • Cars or cash in transit vehicles
  • Protective walls or equipped panels
  • (seriously) Armoured doors
  • Windows or shutters or display cases in areas at risk
  • Cupboards for documents or medicines at risk
  • Armoury cabinets
  • Panic rooms

…and many other less obvious applications which are however often necessary to feel safer at home, in public offices, in the underground, railway stations, airports, schools, museums, etc.

SSAB manufactures Armoured Steel Plates that meet all the international standards and provides the relevant manufacturing certificates. On request, for large orders of steel plates, SSAB also carries out ballistic tests and provides a specific certificate.

Venturi Acciai strongly believes in this line of business and is supported by the experience of highly qualified technicians that have been working for many years in over 50 countries in the world, with know-how also acquired in the military sector.

More transparency and awareness are required in the industrial world as regards Armoured Steel Plates and their applications in order to realise the need for these products also to protect civilians; as usual however, the initial cost of these steels leads to the choice of less expensive products such as wear resistant steels or other impromptu solutions, only to discover afterwards that the choice made was wrong.