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Industrial Vehicles

Industrial Vehicles

Steel for the manufacture of industrial vehicles, special steel for industrial vehicles, construction steel, special steels with high yield point.

The SPECIAL STEELS FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES are widely used in the Industrial Vehicles sector and despite the fact that this sector is very large, special steels are used because of the high performance results compared to standard steels or commodities.

The reasons for using special steels for whatever type of vehicle, standard or customised are obvious:

as regards the frame, STEELS WITH HIGH YIELD POINT (never too high: max. 70/900 Mpa) are to be preferred for all the reasons related to the mechanical aspects: lightweight given by the reduced thickness of the steels, which also improves the mechanical features of the frame;

wide range of cold forming possibilities, thus avoiding welding points that weaken a structure subjected to high stress;

in general for all the reasons related to the size and shape of the beams and cross-beams and of all the accessory parts.

By improving all these aspects, the effects of the fatigue phenomenon are reduced to a minimum and this is a highly appreciated feature.

A body is usually mounted on the frame and subframe (sometimes superfluous).

Often in this case, depending on the type of transport vehicle, the use of SPECIAL STEELS FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES, with high yield strength and/or wear resistance, significantly improves the performance of transport means.

The advent of these SPECIAL STEELS FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES has even led to a radical evolution of the body, which traditionally was a rectangular bed with mobile sides. This shape is obviously still useful (i.e. when carrying a mix of heterogeneous materials), but in most cases the “halfpipe” or so-called “bathtub” shape is preferred by new technologies to handle loose materials and aggregates, from asphalt to gravel and sand and other materials.

This (relatively) new design has revolutionised the concept of tipper bodies, it has eliminated the subframe and the relevant reinforcement beams; as a result the weight of the bodies has been significantly reduced. The use of wear-resistant steel has made it easier to manufacture the bodies, while guaranteeing the structural requirements.

All over the world halfpipe dump trucks of different sizes (according to the local Highway Code) carry heterogeneous goods with saving in fuel consumption (when empty). This type of body offers increased load weight (lower unladen weight), reduced tyre consumption (self-weight); in other words it has reduced impact on our planet.

This entire concept can be transferred, with even more benefits, to other more specific industrial vehicles where the use of SPECIAL STEELS FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES and wear-resistant steel plates is actually necessary.

For example the frames and the bodies of quarry and work site vehicles, concrete mixers, light and articulated dumpers and large quarry and mine dumpers, must be built with special steels of higher grades than those used for most of the industrial vehicles already mentioned.

Dumpers are often brutally loaded and they transport heavy rocks with irregular surfaces that score the sides and bed; the parts hit by the load are often subjected to plastic deformation and maintenance and repair of these parts is fundamental to restore the use of the vehicle and eliminate down-time as much as possible.

Latest generation special wear-resistant steels and SPECIAL STEELS FOR INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES are suitable to be welded to each other and to all other weldable steels. VENTURI ACCIAI SRL has a constantly replenished stock of products, so not only can it manufacture parts, but it can also size parts of different shapes and quality to meet the extraordinary maintenance requirements.