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Steels for the construction of agricultural machines, steel for agricultural equipment, construction steel and special steel for construction work.

This chapter could be filled with information concerning the use of SPECIAL STEELS FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINES.

We have used the conditional because despite past positive experiences, the success of manufacturing companies (mostly abroad) that have taken advantage of the cutting-edge technology of these raw materials, little has been done to use these steels in this sector. The world of agricultural machines has not changed, especially in Italy, not only due to the variety of soils and other technical and orographic aspects but also due to the conservative mentality.

STEELS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINES and structural steels, up to the maximum yield strength (Mpa 1100), as well as wear-resistant steels (HB 400, 450 and 500) can be used for machinery in this sector. Light and more stress resistant machines or equipment would result in faster work, consumption savings, reduced maintenance time and significantly longer life cycle of the components. All this could be immediately and significantly appreciated by users.

Initial costs of these steels are a deterrent because users don’t look further than the initial investment and don’t take into account the savings they would achieve at the end of the work cycle.

Chassis of most agricultural machines are subject to dynamic strains therefore making the structure lighter, more elastic, resistant and resilient should be a fundamental requirement.

Tools of different types and for different uses could take best advantage of the characteristics of the WEAR-RESISTANT STEELS, which are also structural characteristics, avoiding complex assembly operations, simplifying the design of many parts and avoiding costly heat treatments that provide scarce results.

The reduction of self-weight by over 30% and the increase in resistance by an even greater percentage are not sufficient to change this sector’s mentality. SPECIAL STEELS are also compatible with each other and with all other weldable steels; moreover the thicknesses could be modulated and verified also at theoretical level with a large margin of safety, with a guarantee of environmental sustainability. The mechanical characteristics of these steels would be of fundamental importance because all moments are continuously stressed during work: traction, compression, torque, cut, also in sudden and unforeseen phases.

Accessories or tools to work the land are compatible with the use of SPECIAL STEELS and VENTURI ACCIAI meets most of these requirements. Different cutting methods, bending where necessary to simplify a design and improve the final result are tasks that VENTURI ACCIAI can carry out thanks to the experience acquired also in other fields. Venturi Acciai offers a wide range of steel plates with all the top features necessary, supported by an excellent and constantly available technical service.


  • Ploughs: all parts of the frame, couplings and heads(Mpa 700,900,960)
  • all the accessories: blades, beams, coulters and connections (HB 400,450,500).
  • Machines to prepare the land: frames, harrows, rudders, augers, rollers and other tools such as knives and different types of hoes.
  • Seeders and harvesting machines: for deep tillage and surface operations.