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Special Steel for Recycling of urban and industrial waste
09 January 2019

This is another major sector of activity which can and indeed must avail itself of special steel qualities.

Both types that ensure a high yield limit for the load-bearing structures and types with specific wear- and abrasion-resistant features for the equipment, spare parts and tools in contact with the mass to be recycled, crushed or shredded.

But this is only true when the waste does not produce acids, by themselves or in combinations, because in that case, even the use of carbon-manganese steel types, despite their exceptional mechanical features, becomes useless.

The costs connected with recycling and regenerating plastic are higher than those of manufacturing new plastic, but it is the duty of all humanity, nonetheless, to recover as much of it as possible in order to prevent disastrous environmental consequences.

One item stands out in particular: in the Pacific Ocean, the “Pacific Trash Vortex” is an island of floating waste as large as the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal together), and the latest estimates indicate its size is over 10 million square kilometres. This “island” started growing in the Fifties and is still growing, and it’s not the only one.

Special Steel for Recycling of urban and industrial waste

Special Steel for Recycling of urban and industrial waste

Although huge recycling plants already exist, it is a continuous game of catch-up that will never end until other innocuous chemical ways to destroy plastic waste are discovered.

As regards the use of special steel types, it goes without saying that the replacement parts for enormous machines that have engines more powerful than a Formula 1 race car are subject to perpetual, heavy stress. Wear-resistant steel types are an ideal choice, even in the HB 500 / 600 grades, and the sheets can be cut into the most suitable shapes for every type of material to be processed.

  • Iron scraps, such as the compressed cubes of scrapped cars
  • Plastics.
  • Wood, of which an average of 8 million tons are thrown away annually. It is recycled for composting and pelletizing (chipping) before ending up as waste.
  • Electronic equipment, after separating the parts.
  • Home appliances, after separating the parts.

So, there is an enormous mass of machinery and equipment in the field to handle an incessant labour of recovery and subsequent disposal.

Gears, blades, hammers and rotating systems of different size and power, mounted on round or square shafts, with continuous processing cycles and replacement due to wear of the parts, even as often as every other day.

Unfortunately, in a scenario as complex as this, it is often utopian to believe it possible to work seriously in a convoluted bureaucracy in which too many entities are involved, and where corruption can easily hide. Those problems reduce all our efforts to banality!

Venturi Acciai is fully equipped to stock the basic types of sheet steel, with the most powerful oxycutting equipment and interpretative skills to suggest the best tool for every job. The company is well-known and has been doing this work since before the current crisis period. Oddly enough, now that there is more need than ever, demand has greatly decreased, but it will eventually have to regain its normal vast dimensions and it is important to resume the activity with a correct distribution of skills. This will surely be one of the sectors to contribute in important ways to improving the current stagnant economy.

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