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SPECIAL STEELS: High quality accessories and mechanical components
11 October 2017

Venturi Acciai has always specialized in trading Special Steels and strongly believes in the use of high quality steels that guarantee safety and reliability.

The use of Special Steels¬†(HIGH YIELD STRENGTH and WEAR RESISTANCE) for accessories and mechanical components may not seem a matter of great importance, however if you take an “interested” look at any large or small workshop you will find a great number of tools and components made of standard steel, which could be replaced by special steels.

Going beyond a mere level of curiosity, just think how many cuttings of Special Steel sheets could be reused instead of being disposed.

They could be used to produce maintenance parts, accessories to be used in the workshop, spare parts to be built in-house, to repair machines and even to manufacture personalised wrenches, all at no cost; they could be used to repair overhead crane wheels, a worn differential, safety guards of a vehicle or many other thousand items that spring to mind, but always with the use of Special Steels.

Special Steels

SPECIAL STEELS: High quality accessories and mechanical components

All this, has already been done for many years in the steel companies and in plants where rationalisation is included in the corporate financial statements, offering savings through the management and use of the poorest internal resources. It is a question of mentality, which however is not currently present in our domestic market.

For example, starting from this concept, a very small Finnish family-run company has become an international group that uses Special Steels to manufacture gardening tools, by merely modifying simple mechanisms which however require the use of stronger, lighter, more reliable and safer components with a long operating life.

The use of Special Steels make repetitive manual operations lighter, therefore a worker becomes more productive. In addition, the use of high performance Special Steels stimulates the capacity to invent new tools that cannot be made with traditional steel.

However, all this requires a basic culture which only exists in the more evolved societies; in this way, a start-up with a minimum of inventive could actually become a work resource and a support for the market.

It seems impossible that after so many years, considering that designers have already seized the secrets of these Special Steels that have transformed the manufacture of large machines, nobody has invented an aftermarket of this type, especially now that these steels are not only available in sheet form but also in new formats such as round bars, round and shaped pipes.

Even Venturi Acciai would benefit from this in two ways: using the large stock of complete sheets where necessary and recycling the tons of cuttings that are currently disposed of without being sorted by quality.

When these Special Steels were first produced in Europe over forty years ago, their applications could be counted on one hand and those adopting these steels were worried and uncertain about their use because they were used to iron on the one side and very sophisticated alloy steels on the other.

Looking back you can see how much has been done and how many steels with different levels of strength and hardness (Mpa and HBW) have been developed, continuously improving and evolving, and contributing to the global development of machines, transport and constructions in general. If we consider the automotive sector there have been great improvements even for the safety of drivers and passengers and in fact cars use small parts made of different steel grades, positioned where necessary, compatible and environmentally friendly; there is an infinite possibility of uses.

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