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Steel for Cranes Manufacture and Lifting Equipment
26 August 2016

The lifting machinery sector for Cranes Manufacture and Lifting Equipment is the core business of VENTURI ACCIAI SRL.

Steel for Cranes Manufacture and Lifting Equipment

The importance of this sector for the company is underlined by its stock of steels plates, range of cutting machines, press brakes and equipment for the crimping of the edges. VENTURI ACCIAI has years of experience working for the most prestigious manufacturing companies and it specialises in this sector, to the point that is has become a benchmark also for these prestigious brands.

The supply of high range steel plates is constant and reliable, just like the business relationship with the top European steel companies that supply us.

The laser, plasma and oxycutting systems are constantly updated and maintained fully efficient.

The latest generations press brakes have a working length that ranges from 3 to 12 metres with various bending capacities and equipment for specific processing.

This important market segment is prestigious not only at domestic level but above all at international level. Many Italian manufacturers export a high proportion for example, of truck-mounted cranes, and they offer end users a versatile range of products suitable for all types of work, large or small.

Steel for Cranes Manufacture and Lifting Equipment

Lifting machines cover a wide range of fields of application, but the sectors that mainly require machines built with high-performing steel are:

  • Self-propelled mobile cranes (heavy loads)
  • Truck-mounted cranes (very versatile)
  • Elevating work platforms (to lift people at height)
  • Concrete pumps (to transfer concrete from the ground to the height required)
  • Telescopic cranes to handle containers – reach stackers (to handle containers and pile them in various rows- first, second, third and fourth rows).
  • Telescopic forklifts to handle materials in various sectors such as building, agriculture, etc.

VENTURI ACCIAI can produce components for all these types of machines and its expertise and experience, machinery and human resource are available and eager to fulfill the requirements of an increasingly large share of the market.

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