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The new frontier of Laser Cutting with the Mitsubishi 6030 XL
06 May 2019

In the spirit of constant innovation and improvement that has always distinguished the company, in 2018 Venturi Acciai completed its installation of the first Mitsubishi 6030 XL Laser Cutting System in Europe.

The machinery is equipped with a C02 X-Flow resonator of the latest generation, powered at 4,500 W to guarantee:

  • fast startup;
  • lower costs in terms of both consumption and maintenance;
  • a beam with rectangular wave pulse that reduces the amount of heat on the sheet metal, making it possible to produce complex geometries with greatly reduced TAZ, thereby preserving the characteristics of the steel.

The strong points of the Mitsubishi 6030 XL Laser

Possibility to work on large pieces

The system is equipped with a bench measuring 6,500 mm x 3,100 mm.

Though there are machines on the market that can process even larger size pieces, the Mitsubishi 6030 XL is the only one that combines large size, high dynamism and continuous Laser Cutting on 6 meters, without interruption and without repositioning.

The high speed of movement is the result of the lightweight structure and of the integration of the resonator on the fixed frame. This means decreasing the weights in movement and greatly increasing acceleration, especially for a machine of this size.

Maximum quality and precision cutting

The optic system is design in such a way as to hold the length of the ray constant on the entire work surface, guaranteeing the quality of Laser Cutting, despite the fixed resonator. The optic system and high speed power control sensor ensure ideal cutting conditions at all times.

The head installed on the Mitsubishi 6030 XL serves to ensure optimum control of the beam, as adjustment of the lens focal length is automatic depending on the cutting parameters.

Reduction of production time

The proximity sensor of the head and the advanced numerical control permit greatly reduced machine preparation time.

The cutting system can adapt the nesting automatically depending on the effective position of the sheet metal on the work bench. The cutting head reads two points on the length of the sheet metal and one on the width to calculate the position.

Reduction of breakthrough time

The HPP perforation technology reduces breakthrough time on the medium-high thicknesses.

Automatic high speed pallet change facilitates the loading of sheets to be cut and the unloading of semi-finished sheets without interrupting the production process, thus minimizing down time.

Work benches and pallet change have been designed to hold piece of sheet metal up to 25 mm thick.

Laser cutting with nitrogen

The Mitsubishi 6030 XL can also use nitrogen in laser cutting, as recommended for stainless steel and aluminum, and can work with the Brilliant Cut system, which ensures results of exceptional quality in terms of roughness and finish of the cut surface.

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