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Treatment of Inert Materials
04 February 2019

Civil and industrial construction is an enormously developing sector under normal market conditions, in every modern country.

Among the raw materials essential for the construction of buildings, large quantities of inert materials such as sand and gravel are required. Natural sand and gravel would never be enough, however, considering that marine sand is not usable.

It is necessary to resort to production, deriving from rock crushing operations using quarried stone.

Trattamento Inerti - impiego di Acciai Speciali

The primary milling and other machines for collecting, crushing, moving and handling these materials must be made with Special Steel parts.

The structures and parts subject to wear can choose steel from a wide range of qualities. Venturi Acciai offers an ample selection of special steel types, as well as the necessary know-how to cut parts according to drawings, using various methods, in order to provide a first set of replacements of every part of the machinery and vehicles.

A whole fleet of machines and equipment is needed to supply the crushing plants:

  • jackhammers,
  • bulldozers,
  • conveyor belts,
  • chutes,
  • hoppers, etc.

All these machines require wear-resistant parts made of special steel, often of very high class (HB 500 – 600). Given the continuous use and morphological characteristics of the quarries, they can and must be designed with a single purpose that is to minimize wear and increase productivity.

It is an enormous undertaking, where wear-resistant steel is fundamental for any aspect one wants to consider.

This is particularly true about the characteristics of modern steel qualities, both for their diversity of Brinell hardness, and for the need to cut the pieces to specifications and weld them in the field, with only the most basic precautions, while ensuring efficiency.

This type of guarantee is possible only with the most highly qualified steel products and can only be offered by companies that have the necessary skills to process them with highly efficient equipment, like Venturi Acciai.

The sector of the treatment of inert materials also concerns a different but related aspect of the business, touching on the area of production, shipment and laying of Asphalt. Everywhere we look, new roads are being built and they are all in need, on a regular, cyclic basis, of repaving and maintenance.

The trucks that carry asphalt, the machines that score the worn road surface and pour and spread the new top, are necessarily manufactured with wear-resistant steel parts.

This is another sector that is extremely important for the economy of a country that wants to grow and guarantee its citizens all the advantages of modern civilization, which means, among other things, safe roads of all kinds.

If the rules relative to safety, in the entire sector of the treatment of inert materials, were taken into serious consideration, and bureaucracy and speculations did not play as decisive a role as they unfortunately do, this would be highly beneficial to the operators and the work would be distributed in a more transparent manner among qualified steel producers, engineering companies and metalworking company, right down to the last quarryman.

Venturi Acciai is ready, however, for every situation, with specialized stocks and machines to perform these works, and with constant access to specialized technical experts for the assessment of any project.

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