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Wear Resistance Steel
28 January 2019
Drilling of the soil may be done for different reasons: research, piling, channelling (as housing for cables), for scientific purposes (assaying), and other. Drilling may be done at different latitudes, with different degrees […]
Special Steel
18 January 2019
An age-old problem that we are being faced with more than ever, what we do to the Environment matters: it is where we were born and live our whole lives, no matter where […]
09 January 2019
This is another major sector of activity which can and indeed must avail itself of special steel qualities. Both types that ensure a high yield limit for the load-bearing structures and types with […]
Special Steel
11 October 2017
Venturi Acciai has always specialized in trading Special Steels and strongly believes in the use of high quality steels that guarantee safety and reliability. The use of Special Steels (HIGH YIELD STRENGTH and WEAR […]
14 July 2017
Naval engineering steel: Special Steels for the construction of large barges In the civil shipbuilding sector there is no particular need for Special Steels, except for doors/hatches that may be at risk of […]
Civil Engineering
06 June 2017
CIVIL ENGINEERING: the importance of special steel with high yield strength and wear resistance steel. The machines installed and used by VENTURI ACCIAI and its stock of raw materials would be suitable to […]
02 November 2016
Venturi Acciai and Eurogru Amici: Cranes Manufacture, Cranes Manufacture Strenx Steel In the past Italy was renowned for the design and manufacture of excellent mobile cranes that were sold worldwide. The designs were technically […]
22 September 2016
Venturi Acciai and PM Group: High Quality Steels and High-tech Lifting Solutions One of Venturi Acciai’s most prestigious customers is the company PM-Group, the leading Italian manufacturer of truck-mounted hydraulic cranes, with headquarters in San […]
24 June 2015
The renowned Weldox brand passes the baton to the new brand Strenx. SSAB, after having acquired by incorporation the prestigious Finnish steel group RUUKKI, has decided to reorganise the different brands registered by both […]